Use of mobile phones


As we know now a days technology is making its own way towards the future. Soon we will see that the world is getting more technological inventions that are not only useful but also making our daily routine fruitful. With these inventions we are able to make our lives live easy and in a  beneficial way. So lets talk about the great  invention of  technology   that made our lives easy . A mobile is a great invention of technology  .  It makes our lives easy  .  Lets  talk about the   benefits  of mobile .


It makes  our lives easy and  make great changes in daily life. We are connected to  each other .we can learn about so many things  that make our lives easy . we can watch different educational videos on it. Its   great to have this kind of technology.  Actually now a days it becomes a trend  to have  a mobile phone because it makes our life easy  and full of pleasures . It reduces the distance between us. Now to get contacted is more easier then before. We can grow  better relation and fruitful making of things.



Like everything it has also many disadvantages. At one place it reduces the distance  while on the other  hand it makes the difference. Now a days we  are far from each other. IT is not such a useful  thing that we think . It is the invention that creates different places in the life of  human  being . IT  is harmful  for the children. Its  wrong use can lead   us towards  the destruction of our young generation.

As it’s a matter of fact that every thing  is beneficial  at one hand and the same thing is harmful if it is used wrongly. WE should try to avoid the negative things about it that is harmful for the humanity .we should learn the positive things and ways to make fruitful results. We should not try to make it a thing  that is not supportive but makes damage in the lives of mankind . Mobile phone is a very useful thing if we use it properly but if we use it in a wrong  way it will be harmful and destructive for us.

So we should be careful while using this great invention of technology. If it is used properly it will be helpful and prosperous for the development . Technology is growing day by day and its  great  thing that is going on and making daily  routine of life easy and  thoughtful. T he world is on the  edge  of   great   worldly growth .

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